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How to Create Your Own Writer's Amulet

As a long-time writer, I’ve developed my own little ritual for my writing sessions, but it’s recently had a touch of magic added to it: a writer’s amulet.

An inspiring poet and a loving friend gifted me the amulet for Christmas. Jasleni, I can never thank you enough for this gift. I will cherish it always.

Every time I sit to write, I now reach for my amulet, knowing the magic it has will guide me in the right direction, both in my story and in my life.

I figured, if you want a touch of magic added to your writing session, I’d love to share this with you.

For your amulet, you will need cinnamon, lavender, and flax seeds. You’ll just need a little bit of each to fill up a small jar, vial, or sphere. This will grant you love, happiness, and wealth. If you’re well-versed in this field, feel free to add any other ingredients to make it your own.

Under the full moon, light a candle with your amulet in hand, opened and filled with the ingredients. Speak into your amulet the following:

“May the Universe bring the love I deserve and aid me in making my book the huge success I know it can be.”

Seal the amulet by gluing in the cork stopper and wear it that night to solidify the spell.

Then, it is yours to enjoy!

Wear it for every writing session so you can have the magic of the universe guiding your hand each time you sit down to write. Keep it special by using it only for when you write your stories.

Even if you are a bit skeptical when it comes to magic and the forces of the universe, perhaps a writer’s amulet will bring you comfort as you write.

I hope this inspires you to create your own amulet to keep on your desk next to your cup of coffee/tea and your notes. May the universe guide us all toward the right path for our writing journeys.

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