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Jabberwee-babe | Sylmae Poetry


A Response to “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll

‘Twas swilter, and the wurthy cove

did frun and fadle in the boose:

All frudsy were babes’ bimper-pove

and the trill tad unloose.

“Patience in the humming nest,”

said they with the first claw,

“Mumsy comes with scrumful finds,

rest thy lilylaunder jaw.”

The Tumtum Tree hiffed to a histle,

voicious bow to noiseless pink;

So the grum-grums and sollies yawn,

and jabberwee-babes resist wink.

Bellies gurble for bubty grum,

wings still wrongly wing-ed,

Claws too soft for tumter bark,

loved by mimsy’s big-ed.

Crack! Crock! Chortled cry bothers clouds,

and shakes the humming nest’s twigs.

Scorving whimper with mumsy bye

turns resting hum to silenced figs.

“O, deprimus day,” said the Tumtum Tree,

feeling wee-babe feathers wilter. Slow,

the last autumn leaf lost her sticky, firm grip,

swayed falling to a wee heartbroken crescendo.

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