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Daniela Sylmae is an aspiring fantasy novelist currently working on a collection of short stories and her debut trilogy. Whether it is a novel, a short story, a radio theater piece, or a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, she is writing an adventure filled with magic and mystery. Sylmae has hosted a storytelling radio show called “The Fantasy Realm” on WHUS Radio which now lives on as a podcast called “Tankards & Tales.”


Sylmae has a concentration in creative writing from the University of Connecticut and has worked as part of the editorial team of the university’s literary journal, “The Long River Review” on the poetry panel. When she isn’t writing, she is creating new D&D characters, listening to music for inspiration, or reading a book with Yorkshire terrier Meela snuggled up by her side.

This map of the land of Sylmae is a visual representation of who I am, including my personality, my likes, and my characteristics. Traveling from west to east, you will find yourself in Merfolk Seas, which is due to my obsessive love for the ocean and mermaids. Airwaves Isle is a nod to my professional life as a radio news reporter, as well as my love for audio content, such as being a podcast host.


Yorkietown Village is an homage to my loveable Yorkshire Terrier, Meela. Below, there is the portal to Faerûn which is a portal to the world of Dungeons & Dragons where I spend a lot of time as a Dungeon Master and a player. Across Cosair Cove, which represents my love for pirates and, again, the ocean, you will find Slytherin City. If it's not fairly obvious, this city shows I am a Slytherin in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Nightowl Grove is home to the night owls whom I love dearly, because I am most creative during the late hours of the night. 


Above the grove, there's Condor Cavern which is an acknowledgement of my race as a Latina/Hispanic woman and of my Colombian heritage since the Andean condor is the national bird of Colombia. Just south of the cavern is Taurus Territory which is an indication of my astrological sign. To the east, there's the massive Melody Mountain Range for the incredible amount of inspiration I get from music for my writing.


At the edge of the mountain range, you will find Bookish Borough for my book-loving heart, and in the southeast corner of the land sits Wordsmyth's Forge. This is the heart of my kingdom since I could not be a writer without the ever-burning fire that is my passion for writing.

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