Daniela Sylmae

About Daniela Sylmae

Daniela Sylmae is an aspiring fantasy novelist currently working on a collection of short stories and her debut trilogy. Whether it is a novel, a short story, a radio theater piece, or a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, she is writing an adventure filled with magic and mystery. Sylmae has hosted a storytelling radio show called “The Fantasy Realm” on WHUS Radio which now lives on as a podcast called “Tankards & Tales.”


Sylmae has a concentration in creative writing from the University of Connecticut and has worked as part of the editorial team of the university’s literary journal, “The Long River Review” on the poetry panel. When she isn’t writing, she is creating new D&D characters, listening to music for inspiration, or reading a book with Yorkshire Terrier Meela snuggled up by her side.

As the world gets cozy under a blanket of moonlight and indulges in dreams behind closed eyelids, there is a writer who dreams with her eyes wide open. She can see the snow white tips of the mountains and the crystalline blue waters of the ocean crashing against the cliffs. She can hear the giddy laughter of adventurers enjoying an ale in the tavern and the snoring of dwarves in their caverns. She can smell the evergreens of elven lands and the smoke coming off a wizard's pipe. As she dreams of worlds beyond our own, she writes the stories that come to mind and she smiles doing so, until sleep calls her name and summons her to rest.

Her heart yearns for all forms of storytelling, and it has been a passion since she could put quill to parchment. When she is gone from this world and onto the next, she wishes to be remembered through the stories she left behind. The tales will live forever on the shelves of libraries far and wide, as pebbles on the landscape of humanity that can open the minds, hearts, and eyes of someone who may need a smile, just as she did as she wrote them.